Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get in the Car, We've Got to GO!

 Children need time to “Be”- to be “Idle” - to be “Creative” and “Think” outside of the box.  Gymnastics, karate, music, cooking and so on are wonderful things to expose our children to.  However, when we fill every moment of everyday with scheduled activities we rob our children of the opportunity to explore, discover and grow their minds to achieve endless possibilities.  

“Kids need all kinds of extracurricular activities to “keep up”
with their peers and to look good to prospective schools”

Kids, for the most part, need what kids have always needed: love, support, limits, and responsibilities.  In this respect, the kids that I treat now are no different from the kids I treated thirty years ago.  Child development simply does not change - it’s biologically encoded - and no amount of extracurriculars makes up for a kid who feels unloved, or entitled, both of which are poor predictors for success.

Taken from: Teach Your Children Well
Why Values and Coping Skills Matter More
Than Grades, Trophies or “Fat Envelopes”
By:  Madeline Levine, PhD