Thursday, March 7, 2013

Artistic Expression at Any Age...

Jackson Pollock was a well-known influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He became known for his “drip” style of painting.  Jackson would lay his canvas on the floor and use paintbrushes, sticks and even basting syringes to drip or splatter paint onto the canvas. 

When I first heard of Jackson Pollock I was surprised to learn that a well-known artist was using the same techniques children in my preschool classroom were using in their artwork.  I knew I loved the splash of color and the sense of freedom it made me feel as I watch the children chose which colors, which brushes and which way to flick their brush but I didn’t realize how insightful and truly original they were in their approach. Perhaps Jackson Pollock took his cue, knowingly or not from his own childhood experiences when he developed his well-known technique of “drip” painting.

Just recently some of the children in the preschool learned about Jackson Pollock and his famous masterpieces.  Later, the children chose a variety of colors of paint and different paintbrushes and collaboratively created their own modern day piece of expressionist artwork, which proudly hangs in their classroom.