Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Busy Life...

I don't know about you but I can feel like a hamster on a turning wheel most days.  I spin and spin to accomplish daily work and chores with hopes I will be able to check them all off my list before bedtime.   It came to me one day that I was viewing my social life in the same manner.  Time I enjoy spending with good friends and family I began viewing as things to get done as well. That is when I knew I needed to stop and think about my approach to my daily life whether at work, home or socially.   

I received a daily calendar from a friend for Christmas and thought the teachers would enjoy the little saying for the day so I have been posting them on the office bulletin board.  Each afternoon I read the next one before hanging it up and when I saw "Busyness" at the top of the page I knew I needed to pay attention. 

Perhaps you can gain some insight as well from the questions we can all ask ourselves:

Who have I hurt or ignored with my busyness including myself?
Do I use my busyness as an excuse?
Do I become blind to the beauty of life around me by hurrying from one thing to the next?

I believe three of the most important questions we should ask ourselves are:
What have I taught my child about how to live their life?
As my child goes off on their own will I regret being too busy for most of their life?
What if I have taught them to be too busy for me?