Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Five Fat Turkeys

Five Fat Turkeys are We
We Slept All Night in a Tree
When the Cook Came Around We Couldn't Be Found
So That's Why We're Here You See!

This is one of the children's favorite songs to sing during the Thanksgiving season.  They love the idea of the trukeys climbing in the tree to hide from the cook.  "Gobble, Gobble!"
Thankful can be a difficult word for young children to understand but that does not mean they do not understand the concept of being thankful.  At first we will say thankful is kind of like being happy.  When asked what makes them happy - they are able to come up with all kinds of ideas from their favorite toy, to their favorite place to go or perhaps their favorite food.  They are even able to grasp the idea of the turkeys being happy they were able to get away from the cook.
As the conversation continues we explain to the children that being thankful is more than being happy.   Thankful is a feeling we have WAY down in our heart towards someone or something.  Immediately the children know what they are thankful for and on the top of their list is MOMMY and DADDY!  Grandparents, siblings, pets, blankets and stuffed animals are quickly added to the list of the many things the children know give them real joy, hope, love and security. 
Young children do understand thankfulness.  It just may take a little explaining before they completely understand what the question means. When we take the time to have meaningful conversations with children about life they can give us answers that melt hearts. 

What are you thankful for in your life?